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The Gardens

I really found this concept to be really intriguing of sketching out a map that already technically has been in a 3D map (like included on Google Maps. I feel like this is such a creative project and I could see my younger self going crazy over the idea and sketching out my hometown or my own backyard in detail. I used to live by a community garden and I feel this definitely would have been a hit and brought the community of gardeners even closer together. They already were so involved in meetings on deciding where to plant new things an whether it was time to let a plant go or transfer it into someone’s home. Though I do wonder if the future plans of creating an app would go over well for the demographic that typically populates community gardens. It would have to be very accessible and easy to use for anyone, but still detailed enough for everyone to enjoy. This also reminded me a bit of how some museums or malls have Google maps associated with them and even down to popular pieces of art or stores in a mall. I would love to see a 3D map for unique locations like gardens and even more detailed ones for parks. I always get lost even using a Google Map so I know they could do better!

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