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Fighting the man through modern propaganda

Reading through this article had me laughing so much! It also clicked in my head that memes on social media are truly like our eras version of propaganda for certain groups and ideals. Though anyone can make these and be involved in it and create an open forum of discussion. But I have a feeling that this group may not be open to swaying and more on converting or enlightening. I think the analysis on millennials versus Generation Z was pretty spot on as well.

I’m not sure how toxic these groups may be to each other for most people, but when I’ve encountered them they just feed off of one another, and wanting to die is a cool and common idea. Truly converting young minds into thinking that it’s a popular thing to be a tortured soul. This is a bit off the track of “fighting the man,” but certainly a common aspect I’ve seen in peers who have and promote these traits.

I’m also not sure if this was on purpose, but it seemed all of these memes were the extreme positive of what they represented and never against or just neutral. I suppose it makes sense if these are landing on the more extreme side of the politigram, but these certainly seem unwavering. I just wonder if these also are created in a satirical manner. But it’s hard to know with the extremist aspects of each, I can’t quite get a read on who these were created by.

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