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It’s a tie!

I’ve got to say there were so many articles I really wanted to discuss further in this class but I think if I HAD to choose, it’s gotta be a top two. Of course I loved the As We May Think article and how their visions of the future compare to our current day. But I felt the chapter on Web 2.0 was so so similar in discussion thinking of what OUR future 2.0, 2.5, or even 3.0 will be. I also liked our debate on which version we currently are on and what that timeline might look like. I’d love to see a timeline similar to the As We May Think timeline on how they saw our future. I think Web 2.0 chapter really was getting to that timeline and we could think more thoroughly with what we know now and how we at this point in time perceive our future webs! This articles are such a good pairing and I think it would be great to have r

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