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Visibility and Graphics

I found How Not To Be Seen very eerie, but entertaining and I didn’t want to tear my eyes away the entire time. Kind of like watching a car crash. I found it so fitting that the speaker wasn’t actually speaking and leaving it to a screen reader to do the work. It just made the concept of invisibility stick so well Since it made the artist completely invisible aside from their words to the viewer. I think that violence towards specific invisible groups (though not overtly violent) was so strong in this. The section where the narrator speaks to the different unseen groups was moving. For some reason women over 50 really got me and was the one to stand out. if I created a piece of art like this, I would probably focus on either animal cruelty/vegetarianism or mental health. I guess it’s a little selfish to create art that you can relate to yourself as an artist, but I feel like that’s what I’m more allowed to create since I’m not an expert by far I’m many or any things. I think visibility would be most related to mental health - especially with invisible illnesses like anxiety and depression. I would love to see a project based on that idea. I don’t think I had the takeaway of constant surveillance as she mentioned in the interview. But then realizing she actually was in the film kind of threw me off from her message. But I guess since the viewer wouldnt know, then it still works. I loved that it was based on Monty Python! I haven’t seen that sketch and MUST watch it now.

I loved the information from Goodbye Uncanny Valley!! This graphic work/CGI always inspired me. I could definitely see myself working with this medium. I have used blender a teensy bit in the past as well as other 3D modeling softwares that were extremely confusing to work- too much math. So I would hope I could learn it now since that was back in my high school robotics & engineering class! Whenever I see films that use CGI I so often critique how poorly some were created. I want to be able to have the knowledge to back up these critiques!

“Theres no such thing as slow CGI. The economics currently don’t support contemplation.”

I loved this quote and it truly is just too expensive to create long scenes of CGI a where you can then clearly see how fake some pieces are. It is really ironic how films are supposed to make us feel a certain way, but when it comes to he tech it just can’t understand it in a way.

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