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Appropriation Part 2!

So I took the inspiration from this post when my supervisor wouldn't dress up for Halloween and just did a lame Face Swap app costume of his own face on Captain Jack Sparrow.

Then when I did a mini photo shoot teaching my partner how to do some portrait work (and hoping I could use some for this exact purpose), I was wondering how I could use the out-take photos that would just go in the trash for this art project.

So THEN thought, if I could put myself into a movie or a few different ones, what should I do. And of course I had to place myself in all my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films. (Ok Birds is definitely at the bottom of the list, but I wanted a challenge)

North By Northwest

Final Photo:

First try, much eh. Very difficult if I tried to plop just my features onto someone else's head shape. I squished her head to be a litttttle closer to my own headshape, which caused issues, but still I had problem with the angle of the head and face.

OG film screencap:

raw unusable photo (i mean just look at that eyeball. what is it doing. we may never know.):

The Birds


Ok, I know the expression is laughable, but I didn't have a photo where I looked scared enough, so I played with liquify and painted in the brows a bit to achieve a better fearful look. Much difficulties with the neck.

OG film screencap:

raw unusable photo:

To Catch a Thief


I'm pretty proud of this one, I think I got the graininess to match pretty well with a combo of posterize and noise. The color could use some work as well as the light, but I was getting very confused with how many lightsources they had. Tried to make her feel a little shorter by making the torso stubbier.

OG film screencap:

raw unusable photo:

So to sum it up, I felt this was a good challenge for me to go out of my comfort zone and do a bit of a self portraiture inspired by a couple pieces we've discussed in class, majorly focused on the appropriation idea.

I knew the head/face placement was going to be difficult, but also creating the same texture/graininess was a task for sure. But I found that to be the most fun part, trying to make a new photo look old. I always get so ANGRY when I watch an indie film or even a tv show do a special scene/episode where they are back in time, but still have their new camera and new hair aesthetic to them. SO angry. *cough cough Hallmark Movies on the makeup and hair*

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