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Travels of the Pumpkin Spice

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

IMA Pursuits:

I had actually sought out the IMA last year and desperately wish I had been able to start, but I had just missed the deadline to apply. I then found a job that was relatively good for entry-level and pursued that. I lost said job due to COVID and recalled my plans to apply. I just barely got in again as it was just a week less than a year later! The reason I sought it out previously was because I felt my undergrad at Hunter College was definitely sufficient for all of the basics I wanted to do at the time, but I felt there was so much more that I COULD learn. I was also in the CUNY BA so I had a split degree focused on Sociology and Media/Film Studies, so i definitely didn’t get to do as much Media and Film as a full degree student. I think as I learned about the IMA it made more and more sense for me to attend. I had found such a home at Hunter College previously and so wanted to continue my studies in order to not only create some exciting work, but also help to find my focus in my career as I was mostly geared towards video editing, videography, and web design (and a touch of journalism) after coming out of undergrad. But I yearned for more and with more significant meaning behind each project. More than just an assignment. And with that I’ve already been able to feel that in my very first semester with the IMA over this summer!

A few artists I admire:

Alfred Hitchcock - Though problematic, I cant help but appreciate his fantastic filmmaking and innovation for cinema. Carolyn Lazard - a terrific accessibility artist who I learned about in my class “Access and Interference.” I would highly recommend to anyone getting into accessible art and its practices. Especially their piece “A Recipe For Disaster.”

Aram Bartholl - I may have mentioned his work already in class or in another assignment, but he is such a fun new media artist and absolutely an artist to share everywhere I can! My favorite piece of his is “Dead Drops“ where he began planting flash drives in walls all over the world with surprise files to be discovered. He encouraged copy cats. Which is such a great example of glitch art as well.

This Week’s Photoshop Fun:

For my practice with Photoshop this week, I was inspired by a project Julien Solomita created for an advertisement. He placed a beer can in various locations and matched them perfectly together to create a unified sequence when played back to back. Though he used tape on his viewfinder to help line up the shots, I used Photoshop since I was inspired by the prompt for this week to play with crop and this immediately came to mind.

The most I changed in each photo was to match the orange of the drink with eachother and made the straw more green and less aqua in each. As well as shadows that were very distracting from the cup. Then of course cropping, rotating and resizing. I was lining up the photos to the logo not the cup so that the center focus who be the center of the cup.

The final GIF:

The individual photos:

Trashy Punkin

Punkin Scented Sanitizer

Pricey Punkin

Punkin Phone

Traffic Stopping Punkin

On the Steps of the Punkin

Pidgey's Punkin

Chipotle Punkin

Lit Punkin

Street Walking Punkin

Iced Punkin Latte

Starbucks' Punkin

Photoshop File:

Download PSD • 1020.57MB

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