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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Took to my beautiful workplace - The First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York -

Luther - Before
Luther - After


Exposure down -.55

White Balanced more blue

Contrast up +21

Shadows +100

Whites -87

Blacks +93

Dehaze +67

Vibrance +97

Color Mixer: Brought out blues and pinks, brought down greens to fix the framing/wall color. Brightened Blues/Aquas.

Geometry: Rotated to straighten, Skewed vertically and centered/cropped.

Split Toning: Brought in more pinks into shadows to adjust greens on wall.

Saved as JPEG and 1000 pixels wide.

Side Door - Before
Side Door - After


White balance: as shot

Exposure: +.65

Contrast: +42

Blacks: -19

Dehaze: +64


Highlights: -68

Darks -14

Shadows +36

Color Mixer:

Brought out Aquas and Blues to bring out the door to pop.

Brought down the Yellow Hue and up the Reds to adjust the stone to match properly

Adjusted Luminance up: Greens, Aquas, Blues

Adjusted Lumincance down: Oranges, Yellows


Fixed Aspect, Cropped to center door

Masked with magnetic lasso the door and the overly exposed non shady portion of the brick and put on new layers.

Adjusted each's exposure and color and brought down opacity and gently painted with a soft, half transparent eraser along edges to blend.

blurred some of another extra copied piece on a new layer to blend the shadow on brick on left above door.

Saved as JPEG and 1000 pixels tall.

Bell Tower - Before
Bell Tower - After


White Balance As Shot

Exposure: +.70

Contrast: +4

Highlights: +28

Blacks: +1

Vibrance +60


Highlights: -14

Lights: -39

Darks: +52

Shadows: -32

Color Mixer:

Adjusted Greens and Aquas in Hue to bring out the window frame as it appears in real life

Brought up the saturdation of Greens and Aquas to make them pop as well as blues to bring out the sky.

Brought down the Luminance of Reds and Oranges to take the focus off the brick/make it more dramatic.

First Looks - Before

First Looks - After

Tried dodge and burn a bit with this one.

Basic color correction.

Color selected the green and upped the saturation.

Masked the bright doorway with magnetic lasso and brought the curves way down, erasing with a gentle eraser on the edges.

The reason this image was so important for me to feature was because this was these two pastors first looks at the sanctuary since quarantine. It was a very emotional moment for everyone.

Did a bit of masking on the windows to bring down their curves.. I don't like how this one turned out. But I felt it was important to include. This was the first time the staff could be together even socially distanced before our first live streamed from the sanctuary service.

Then a few fun outtakes while editing (glitchy or otherwise):

Was trying to drag and drop to open a file, but accidentally dragged this onto my current editing work.. I found it really beautiful.
The Happy Accident

Was trying to drag and drop to open a file, but accidentally dragged this onto my current editing work.. I found it really beautiful.

I feel like I'm in the Wizard of Oz...
The Fae Door

I feel like I'm in the Wizard of Oz... Accidentally brought up the magenta instead of orange in color mixer.

Pupper was quite confused with who was in this black box singing...

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