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Corn and things

This was such a fun project and something I wish I'd known how to do years ago! I immediately created a poem I learned as a child and sent it to my sister as a throwback (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - gotta love him). This was mostly a practice run for following paths where I wasn't using a pre-made vector and was just free-handing mostly of the lines - hence why it's a bit disheveled.

I was also inspired by a random post I saw come across Robyn's slack that popped onto my home screen and was immediately inspired. So I found a vectorized corn graphic and put her quote on the top. For the poem I used the vector as a path, but then had to just create my own leaves from scratch with the curved pen tool so that it would fit inside a bit better.

Then I went for a more artsy throwback to test my new skills. The "And God bless the man in the moon" part was based on a misremembering of the poem by my mom and it just always stuck - which is why it's a halo around the little girl's head. Most of this image is made of found vectorized images, but I had to recreate the little girl from an image I traced as much as I could around as I couldn't find a simple back of a girl with pre-made vectors. I also added a bit more of a clear face to the moon vector.

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