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Week Two

Students explore photographic composition and technical

settings, importing their footage into Adobe Photoshop with Adobe Bridge. In

Photoshop, the crop tool and tonal range are examined. Continue web

development learning to add images to your website and links between pages.

Adobe Access Guide Here:

ADOBE Instalation
Download PDF • 229KB

A few notes for working through glitch:

A super helpful workaround for viewing one page at a time without reverting back to index, type the page title in the field circled below and extension (.html) in order to view the page in the preview panel:

Also to note, to create a new page without duplicating, click the plus button then name the page including the page type which in our case will be .html

Just remember there can be no capital letters nor spaces, dashes only.

If you end up dabbling in CSS for customization, you may want to choose a color scheme pretty soon! If so you will need either some hex codes or RGB reference numbers. Here is a great tool for choosing colors and retrieving these codes:

Homework 2: Cropping and Resizing Images & Tonal Range due Friday 9/16 Required Reading: “In Plato’s Cave” chapter 1 from On Photography by Susan Sontag, 1977 available as PDF from Blackboard 10

Required Viewing: From LinkedIn Learning “Photoshop 2022 Essential Training” (please try following along with your own images): ch 4. Digital Image Essentials sections (all tutorials) ch 6. Cropping and Straightening Images (first three tutorials) ch 7. Layers (first tutorial) ch. 12 Adjustment Layer Essentials (first three tutorials) Part 1) The opening chapter from Susan Sontag’s On Photography reflects upon the power of image taking. Well before the advent of the smart phone, Sontag discusses the ubiquity of the camera and image taking. This is the longest reading of the semester for this course. The reading is assigned to place image making in a critical context. What does it mean to you to capture images and create graphics? Through the length of the semester, you will be asked to realize ten projects, each project quite different from the other as you are asked to use various tools. Although each project is distinct, please consider them as a body of work; consider how one may relate to the next and how you as a media maker can build from one to the next. Please write a one to three paragraph reflection on how you use photography and image making. How could you represent visually through photography or illustration or the combination of image and text notions of our world at this moment? Create a new html page for this reflection, title it “readings.html” and link to it from your class homepage (index.html). Add a link back to index.html on your readings.html page. Update the readings.html page with each reflection – project or reading reflection. Part 2) Based on the composition and framing concepts that were covered in the lecture, take at least five photos with lab DSLR cameras, online labs use best camera that you have available (phone or DSLR or other). Adjust your settings so you are taking photos at the highest resolution pixel width and height. Choose the two images that you think are compositionally the most compelling and save a copy of both images in their original pixel dimensions (in other words, keep a back-up of the original file). Crop a copy of one of the images to 1920 px by 1080 px and crop a copy of the other image to 5”x7”. Now, modify the Tonal Range of the two images using an adjustment layer following the steps in chapters above. Export these as jpg images and make sure they are under 2 MB in their file size. Now, add each photo to two new pages on your website. Place each of the cropped images on a separate page and connect them with links to the home page and to each other. Make sure that all pages can navigate back to the home page. On your image web pages, add a paragraph tag to explain why you chose these two images and what compositional ideas you were using to create visual interest.

Take some time to look over your index/home page and organize it a bit to appear as a proper homepage creating a title and list of the links to your assignments. I would also love for you to tweak your creative statement page to appear more as an about the artist page, so consider adding a photo of yourself so we can put the artist to the name!

If you would like to experiment with adding a menu bar, you are more than welcome to!

We have yet to dive into divs, so don't worry if it's a little overwhelming.

Here is a great tutorial for a basic menu bar:

Tutorial for dropdowns in menu (especially with how many assignments we will have, it would clean up your design to have a dropdown stating "Assignment One," Assignment Two," etc.):

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