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Week Three

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Students use the DSLR cameras on campus to make images for Homework 3 Depth of Field: in-camera and digital assignment. Students upload the images to their computers via Adobe Bridge.

Homework 3:

Depth of Field due 9/30

Required Viewing:

From LinkedIn Learning “Photoshop 2022 Essential Training”:

ch. 5 Adobe Camera Raw

ch. 14 Smart Object Essentials

ch. 17 Essential Filters

ch. 8 from - After Effects Guru: Advanced Photoshop Integration – (first two tutorials) Creating depth with the Camera Lens Blur effect and Creating depth with the Blur Gallery

Part 1: Take two photographs with the same composition and exposure. One photograph with a shallow depth of field and the second one with a deep depth of field. Try creating multiple pairs of photographs with shallow and deep depth of field to experiment with shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Compare your experience behind the lens with the tutorial above (The blur gallery) by creating a shallow depth-of-field effect with an image that you shot. Post one shallow depth of field, one deep depth of field and one Photoshopped Field Blur image to your website on a new page and link this new page to your homepage. Make sure the images are under 2 MB in their file size.

Part 2: Using the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop, adjust the exposure of two images. Using the tutorial linked above, follow the steps that show how to deal with underexposure, clipping warnings and the histogram. In addition, use the straighten tools in the Camera Raw filter to level and straighten your images. Save the before and after images and post them each side by side on a new page of your website making sure no image is greater than 2 MB.

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