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Week Seven

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Review for exam and introduction to illustrated environments.

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Homework 7: Illustrated Environment

due 10/28

Required Viewing: From LinkedIn Learning “Illustrator 2022 Essential Training”

ch. 16 Appearances

ch. 17 Type

ch. 18 Using Images

ch. 19 Output

Using Adobe Illustrator import a raster image of an environment, this may be a photograph from a city block, a natural environment, an interior – any setting that you wish. Use the photograph as a template in its own layer to create an illustrated version of the setting (be sure to lock the photo layer). Use a combination of all the tools that Illustrator offers to transform the environment; do not merely use Image Trace. Make use of layers to separate foreground, middle ground and background. You may only use three colors in this assignment. Use the Adobe Color CC website - to create a Triad color theme for the illustrated environment. This should be a 1920 x 1080 Artboard. Use Export > Export for Screens… to save for the web as a png. Create a new page to present the initial photograph of an environment and the exported Illustrator environment. Write a paragraph about the environment describing why you chose it and how you transformed it.

Examples of past illustrated environments:

illustratedEnvironment (1)
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