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Week Five

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Basic Illustrator Tools: layers, shapes, fill & stroke, pen tool,

transform tools. Using the terms from the lecture, analyze the elements and

principles of design in contemporary media print advertisement, billboards, and


Class Practice Graphic Here:

Homework #4, Due 10/14 Design Concepts

Required viewing from From “Illustrator CC 2022 Essential Training”

with Tony Harmer, watch the following chapters (please try following along with your

own images):

Ch. 2 The Illustrator Environment

Ch. 3 Selection

Ch. 4 Transforms

Ch. 5 Creating Paths

Ch. 6 Working with Strokes

Ch. 7 Shape and Line Tools

Ch. 8 Arranging Elements

Ch. 14 Using Grids and Guides

Create a new Illustrator document and use the following preferences:

Profile: Art & Illustration; Size: 1920 x 1080 pt; Orientation: Landscape; Artboards: 1; Bleed: 0; Advanced Options - Color Mode: RGB Color; Raster Effects: High (300 points per inch); Preview Mode: Default Design

Elements in Photomontage - from Illustrator to Photoshop Using at minimum 1 repeating shapes with 1 color create a design that will be incorporated into your Photomontage (view the Grid, Rulers & Guides and Smart Guides to help you). You may elect to add more elements such as text and other shapes to try different designs. Consider using symmetry or asymmetry as well as other design concepts. Select and copy the vector designs and/or text from Illustrator and paste it into Photoshop Photomontage Document as a Smart Object. In Photoshop, resize, rotate and transform as necessary to integrate the vector design.

These new elements will be applied to one of your photomontages from the previous homework assignment.

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