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Create a series of animated gifs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, employing multiple ways to create animations.

Homework #8, due 11/11 Animated GIFs

Photoshop 2022 Essential Training:

ch. 8 Color and Brush Essentials

ch. 11 Local Pixel Editing and Retouching

ch. 15 Essential Transformations

ch. 24 Animating Images

Additional technical reference:


Create two animated gifs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Exercise 1: Blink

Complete the exercise started in your lab section that uses the eye drawing created with Adobe Illustrator from homework #6 to make the drawing blink.

Exercise 2: Cut Up Cinema

• Create photographs of yourself or friend(s). Be sure to photograph against a high-contrast solid background to make it easier to “pull off” the figure.

• In Photoshop cut the person out of the image to create a digital puppet.

• Use Puppet Warp Tool to animate the cropped photography

• Duplicate your person into various frames.

• In each frame create variations of the person using the Puppet Warp tool.

• Open the Timeline panel and create a “Frame Animation”.

• By presenting each layer on different frames create an animation of you or a friend in various positions.

• Add background layers or more people or text… Have fun with it.

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